Hello There,

My name is Scott and this is my website. I’m a creator whether that be Software, Websites, Film-making or anything else I can get my hands on. I enjoy solving problems and telling stories.

I currently work at Avanade previously Altius.

My interests vary from contemporary culture and media to multiple scientific fields. You can see my various interests in the sub sections of about such as my current research interests.

I’m from a very small ex mining town in west Yorkshire, England called Castleford. I studied at Airedale High School (Now Airedale Academy) then I went onto York College to study various subjects. York and Castleford are big parts of my life. I have a Masters and Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a specialism in Advanced Artificial Intelligence from the University of Lincoln.

I have quite a vast experience using many different technologies and techniques in a range of fields from mentoring to software development.

This website acts as a portfolio and a storytelling mechanism, browse around see my work, and if you want to work with me get in touch.