Welcome to my new website. I started this website in my final year of high school while I was trying to set up a freelance presence for my work and over the last few years, I’ve grown as a individual as well as a creative. I hope you enjoy some of my works and ideas that are going to be popping up on here over the coming months and years.


My original website had more of a personal feel and yet still felt withdrawn and cluttered. I would blog about actual issues(if you can what I thought was a good blog post that) being a stickler for “wisdom wednesdays” and “twitter tech tuesdays” but that is no longer the case. Once in a while I’ll be all pretentious but I’m sure it’ll be for the better. Why am I telling you this?

I’m saying expect a different approach and style of website here, a hopefully more professional and interesting one. If you do like silly cat gif’s, rants and nerdy posts do be sure to follow me on tumblr


Thank you for reading and staying with me (if you have over the last few years even from my beginnings of my first real website in 2008)