So I’ve been doing a few things with my free time lately, one of them is homebrewing. I’ve got a real passion for real ale and beer. So last year in June, I took the plunge and made my first beer. It was a Mexican styled lager, although it seemed pretty terrible at the time, it has gotten better with time. I have only become more ambitious and knowledgable about homebrewing. Home brewing gives you the insight and appreciation for good beer that is often hard to get otherwise.

Of course it wouldn’t be a nerdy hobby without reading books on brewing and building a database to store my recipes and ideas in. So besides just the technical aspects of brewing, its allowed me to practice a little with other tools.

Since I’ve started I’ve now got a good few beers under my belt, A Guinness Clone, A Blue Moon Clone, a Christmas Belgium Trippel (called “Welcome To The Party Pal”) , A Failed Batch of a Ruby Cherry Mild and some Ginger beer. In the coming few weeks, I’m going to be brewing my own Pale Ale and A Vanilla Chocolate porter called No Face ( based off a studio Ghibli character).

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Photo of my Guinness Clone

No face From Studio Ghibli’s Sprited Away

The only problem is so far, I have no name for my which I can call my beers brewery. I’ve been racking my brain for months and still haven’t got a satisfactory suggestion. If you have one drop me a line.